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Written by on 09/05/2018

SixtyFour is a Beatles cover band from Middle Tennessee.  We’ll stop you short of saying they’re a “tribute” act, for you won’t see any Nehru jackets or mop-tops on stage.  Instead, we do our best to recreate the experience of listening to the Beatles records that left such an imprint on our musical consciousness, always remembering that the Beatles were first and foremost a rock and roll band.

The group began as bass player, vocalist and Grammy-winning mix engineer J.R. McNeely asked his friend, colleague, and multi-platinum-selling producer Mark Lee Townsend to sing and play Beatles songs with him at a family event.   The experience proved so much fun that they determined to expand on the concept, realizing that the Beatles continue to have an incredibly devout following, and rightly so.

With that first successful performance under their belts, the pair began reaching out to more players who shared their love of all things Beatle.  They were soon joined by Stephen Leiweke (guitar),  Dr. Steve Guthrie (keyboards & vocals) and Chris Cooke (drums & vocals) to round out the lineup.   Now armed with a full arsenal of players, SixtyFour began playing clubs, festivals, sporting events, and even the occasional wedding for troublingly devoted Beatles fans.  Word-of-mouth about our authentic sound, tight harmonies, and energetic performances soon spread to Beatle devotees of all stripes.

In November of 2015, SixtyFour welcomed Nashville veteran Stephen Mason to the group, taking over on bass and vocal duties. The Beatles “bug” is contageous, and Stephen, as a lifelong fan of the Fab Four, fit seamlessly into the lineup.

SixtyFour have become a favorite act in halls all around middle Tennessee and beyond. Our regular monthly in-town gig is outside on the square of Franklin, Tennessee, playing to between 700-1000 grateful fans at each show. We are regular invitees to the worlds largest Beatles music festival, “Abbey Road on the River” held annually in Louisville, Kentucky, where we have shared the multiple stages there with former members of Wings, Laurence Juber, Steve Holley, and Denny Lane, as well as various Beatles tribute-oriented acts from all over the world. If you are a fan of the Beatles, you owe it to yourself to attend a SixtyFour show near you!

If you want more information about the band Sixty Four.
Take a look at the Facebook Page or on the website of Sixty Four.


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